Who we are?

"Utilizing traditional healing arts to bring balance to modern living" this is the motto here at Wu Wei Healing Arts.  We will bring the best to the table when it comes to helping achieve desired results. We do this with massage techniques and herbal liniments that have lasted the test of time, through thousands of years of empirical testing with proven results.



What is Wu Wei?

Wu Wei is a Daoist concept presented by Lao Tzu which is commonly translated as "without action", which implies that if an action is in harmony with it's natural state then effort exerted will be a minimum in order to get maximum results. This is a profound and paradoxical concept which has volumes of work on it and has implications that can require a lifetime of contemplation. In attempt to explain it simply it is living life with as little stress as possible by allowing your efforts to go with natural harmony instead of against it.


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